15 Digital Marketing Trends That Remain Strong for 2016


When you have a digital marketing trend working for you, don’t mess with the formula. While most marketing strategies are being concentrated largely on digital media, experts are all for continuing the trial and tested marketing methodologies that have managed to strike gold in the year 2015 and just reintroduce them with a renewed vigor and oomph in upcoming new year, 2016. Here is a look at the marketing trends that are most likely to get used in every field in the upcoming year:

  1. Mastering the tricks of the Internet: The web has a lot to offer if used right? The number of internet users has shockingly shot up to about 3 billion people over the last couple of years, which astonishingly, is almost 50% of the total population of the world. This definitely has to owe a lot to the increase in smart phone usage and the fact that popular marketing mediums such as the television is now modernizing by providing access to internet in form of smart TVs.
  2. Building brands through Social Networks: Even though social network is something that has already hit its tipping point, with over 90% of the world engaging in some form of social media or the other, the good news is that new social platforms are always on the rise and they inevitably catch on. Hence, what better way to reach a million people at once, than to market a brand through the various social medias.
  3. Making Content the King: The one who came up with the phrase that “pen is mightier than the sword” was definitely not far off when it comes to employing marketing trends on the internet. Content management, as it turns out, is becoming the direct ticket to the hearts of potential buyers. With newly updated Google algorithms, playing field for content marketing has expanded further, now including technologies such as virtual reality and 3D video apart from the conventional content tactics.
  4. Blogging – Gives a personal touch: It no wonder that more and more marketers are opting for promoting brands through their personal blogs or putting up newsletters or infographics on other popular blogs that redirects people to a specific website. People want to feel like they know you and want to personal touch.
  5. Perfecting emails for mobile: It has been observed that most people are now accessing their email accounts via mobiles rather than traditional computers. This has led marketing geniuses to come up with various ways to ensure that the content of a commercial email appears perfectly synchronized with mobile devices.
  6. E-commerce is raging on: There are no stopping online buyers who are increasing by the day. The pure convenience and luxury of buying whatever one wishes, from the comfort of one’s home, is something that people are recognizing and preferring. So wise companies, having picked up on this trend, are introducing the option of getting hold of their products online too.  Although, it’s not stopping brick and mortar stores from succeeding according to a recent article.
  7. Being the Jack-Of-All-Trades: Experienced marketers are being hunted for by big MNCs (multi national corporations) across the globe, and as it turns out, the more skills one possesses in various fields of marketing, the more chances he/she has of making it big in the world of marketing.  It’s not just the traditional marketing employers are seeking but a cross over of digital skills. Engaging the customer and “learning” the customer.
  8. Digital era at its prime: It has been a decade since the advent of “Digital era” per say, but it is shocking how many companies are still struggling with integrating their marketing strategies with purely digital wave of things in the outside world. 2016 definitely promises to take digital age to the next level for sure.
  9. Dreaming large: It is no longer enough to dream of having a brand recognized locally. Now is a time to fearlessly take risks and always think of ways to make one’s brand international. For when you are given the advantage of EVERYONE having access to your company via the web, the marketing possibilities become unrestrained, allowing you to venture out and aim for the biggest audience and customer base.
  10. Interactive digital marketing sells: Switching from creative marketing to interactive marketing was a genius stroke by the leading brand Coca-Cola. Inviting people to shoot personalized videos and post it on their website helped the brand to market itself without having to invest a single penny on advertisements.  Think of Nike’s interactive option of allowing their customers to personalize shoes online, then their customers, in turn are marketing for them.
  11. Re-Marketing is in: Gone are the days when you had to hunt for data and studies on a particular topic. Now, one has access to unlimited data on any given topic and hence, is able to construct a much better marketing strategy just by studying the available data at hand and coming up with unique ways to remarket it.
  12. Technologies that you can wear: Though it has not entirely caught on yet, wearable digital devices (called IoT  – Internet of Things) such as smart-watches are the next stop that modern-day marketers are targeting when it comes to spreading information about a brand. These wearable devices have access to internet, which means that every marketing strategy that companies use to promote themselves over the internet can be introduced through these devices as well.
  13. Mobile Applications: If one is familiar with the concept of a smart phone, one will definitely be familiar with mobile apps. These applications have found their way into the world of marketing by means of sheer popularity and the fact that there is a possibility of reaching out to different kinds of audiences. No one knows how to market their brand better than the Kardashians and developing the mobile game called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” (awful but very true example) was a carefully planned marketing strategy to help boost her brand further.
  14. Careful Data & Marketing Analytics: It is only by studying what kinds of marketing trends have worked in the past can one truly work towards coming up with better alternatives for the future. While data analysis was always important when it comes to marketing, it has now become truly indispensable and marketers are paying close attention to analyzing the consumer/customer data available via the web more closely to study behavior and demographic trends.
  15. Individual targeting: Pay-per-click advertisements have touched the next level by making the identity of the person who has clicked on an ad available to the marketer who has placed the same there. Once a marketer has the contact info of the person who has clicked on the ad, further details of the item displayed can be sent directly to the email id of the person. This information can be used to later market similar products and services.

Robin Owens-Wright is the founder of Executive Levels, providing executive search services for senior marketing, digital, ecommerce and online professionals with career opportunities across industries.